Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles who’s ready for some short hairstyles I want to keep these really simple and I want to share that you can create some really cure styles which are hair let’s begin so I’m gonna take a section in the beginning like three fingers wide a little more a little less and just split that into two sections so this is where the rope twist technique begins this is my version so I’m gonna take this section in the front and twist it towards my face two to three times that’s twice I’m gonna hold the twisted and I’m gonna bring it up and over this section that I’m holding right here just like that don’t untwist I don’t let go it’s going to keep twisted just hold it there and I’m gonna add some hair to this section or right here then do the same thing I’m actually gonna do three times twist it and then bring it over just like that you see that and I’m not doing anything with this one I’m just holding it so it doesn’t untwist out a little bit of hair to this section and then twist it twice or three times again towards your face and then just bring it over see that super simple I’m just gonna bring it kind of behind my ear a little bit past my ear as well I’m going to take a little clear elastic and just secure the rope twist together alright so see now that I have a secured it’s not going anywhere.

I’m gonna set it where I wanted to sit this is where you go in and personalize it to your taste into your hair texture and hair type alright I think I’m happy like that I’m gonna take mini bobby pins and just secure the bottom I’ll take like 2 1 or 2 depending how many I need and then she hide the clear elastic to accessorize the look I’m going to take one of these tiny little they’re like these like Halfmoon type of clips that are open that you can secure them and kind of close them shut but they’re really cute a lot of people put them in their braids different hair styles and this is just a really easy way to hide your clear elastic all right let’s do my right side and that completes the look you guys I think it’s very very cute and I love that it looks like a headband but there’s still a little texture and it’s really easy if you don’t really know how to braid I think this is a really great alternative it looks .

beautiful it looks like a braid it looks very intricate but it’s really easy I really hope you guys loved this one for this one I’m going to use one of my favorite tools ever this little clip that I got from Etsy and so many of you also loved it and I’m gonna create a little messy bun using that tool and nothing else so just pick up wherever you or however much you want in your bun I’m just gonna do that and then I’m just gonna take some of these hairs out so you know frame the face I’ll just kind of play with this a little bit and then pick it up into a messy bun and I’m going to use this to secure it go back in just kind of texturize the bun make it even Messier that completes look like you guys just mess it up play around with the maybe you readjust your little pin or clip that you’re using maybe put that diagonal put it straight whatever you want maybe even put two in there if you want but I love this hairstyle I wear it pretty much all the time for my hair up out of my face even take some of these pieces up and it’s just so easy and it looks really good super cute and we’re gonna begin three sections for a French braid outer sections over the middle and then start adding hair to this outer sections once I’m done with the French braid I went as far as I could before all the little hair start falling apart just because my hair is shorter so I’m basically just gonna keep the very bottom layers out and just have some of these hairs out and just basically make it a very playful take on the French braid and then I’m gonna go back in and texturize the braid right now I’m gonna take one of these again that I used in beginning and hide the clear elastic just to accessorize the hairstyle I’m just going to take this one underneath I really like this one because it looks like you put some thought effort into here but you were being very chill about it