bob hairstyles

bob hairstyles hey guys welcome back it’s been a while since I’ve sat down in film that you follow me on snapchat you know that I was in New York all last week with Maybelline celebrating some of their newest launches Kyle and I tried our hardest to vlog five hours of you eating chips and stuff not to share how the footage is going to turn out because we’re not used to vlogging so it’s mostly just footage of us hanging out in New York without us really talky so hopefully it’s a vlog if not let me know if you guys want to see a on all the new Maybelline products that are coming out and I will create that video for you guys.

we try it guys we tried really hard but a lot of you guys have had a ton of questions about my new haircut I briefly went over it in a previous video but not in too much detail so today I’m going to be going over my haircut the color the style basically what I do every time I cut my hair which seems like I’m doing it quite often these days I feel like once you cut it it becomes an addiction and you go shorter and shorter I think is as short as I’m gonna go for now so yeah if you guys want to hear some more about my haircut how I style it how to rock a lob I guess is what you would call that keep on watching so again Nick and Kass work their magic on my hair at the Sally Hershberger salon they are seriously a dream team they nail it every time.