About Su Sazzagoni

Su Sazzagoni is a traditional Sardinian bar, restaurant, pizzeria and delicatessen offering a genuine taste of Sardinia in London.

Su Sazzagoni is in the heart of the pretty Victoria Park Village offering an authentic taste of Sardinia in London.

Owned by experienced restauranteur Elena Sollai who made the leap to the UK from Sardinia in 2007. Elena decided to leave her homeland and business to deliver a chunk of true Sardinian lifestyle to East London.

With her all Sardinian & Italian staff, including manager Marcello, Elena offers a menu that is loyal to her roots. “The menu is 10% Italian and 90% Sardinian” Elena goes on to say “We import all vegetables, pasta, olive oil, wines and deli produce, even the cakes we sell over counter are shipped in from Italy”

Selling hard to find produce is what sets Su Sazzagoni apart from other Sardinian eateries in the capital. The Deli stand has one of the best collections of hard to find and imported foods such as ‘fregola’ a special mini ball shaped pasta from Sardinia that should be served with fish or seafood.

Having a bona fide Sardinian experience is at the top of the list for Elena and the team at Su Sazzagoni. Whether you are buying from the deli or eating in the restaurant, the staff will always be willing to offer tips and advice on cooking and dining Sardinian style. The main menu alters every 3 weeks but always offers a tasty choice in pizzas, pasta, meat, fish and seafood including Lobster and vegetarian dishes.

Patrons are also encouraged to use the venue throughout the day. WiiFi is available to enjoy with a coffee or a cold beer, a late breakfast or a fixed price lunch. The Deli is always open and serves sandwiches and the take away is open at all times if you prefer to eat at home or have a break in Victoria Park.

The bar stocks all Sardinian wines including the restaurants own label in red and white, these wines are also available to have at home from the deli counter. Traditional favourites such as Limoncello & Mirto are also stocked in the bar and come highly recommended by the restaurant’s founder.

For those in need of a sugar fix, the deli stocks whole Bindi cakes from Italy while the restaurant serves up all homemade deserts made on the premises. The ice cream counter is open all year round, with ice cream made by an Italian in London who follows her father’s famous recipe.